Michael Perrine Detox Consultant On Health, Cleansing, and E3 Superfoods.

Michael Perrine Detox Consultant On Health, Cleansing, and E3 Superfoods.


Michael Perrine is a Detoxification Consultant, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Holistic Health Counselor and the owner of Ashland Gravity Colonics and Vitality NYC. Over the last eighteen years, Michael has performed over 25,000 colonic irrigations and supervised thousands of people through various methods of internal cleansing including fasting, colon cleansing and liver flushing. Michael has also studied nutritional science and diet philosophy at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Michael first learned about E3Live from Dr. Fred Bisci over 20 years ago. We check in with Michael about detox, healthy lifestyle and E3Live.

How did you become involved in working as a detoxification consultant and a holistic health counselor?
When I was 19 years old after many years of binge drinking, cigarette smoking and eating garbage food, I was at my absolute worst physically and mentally. At that age I should have been in my prime but was in the worst condition of my life. With a twist of fate one night, I was inspired to read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and was deeply affected by the way he approached the adversity he encountered. The most valuable lesson I took from studying his life is self-responsibility. This led me to take full charge of my health from a nutrition, fitness and detox perspective. I went through a deep physical and spiritual cleansing when I rapidly switched to an organic plant-based diet and lifestyle. I detoxed deeply with many uncomfortable symptoms for years. After losing sixty pounds in three to four months, I sought the guidance of Dr. Fred Bisci (this was 1995), and I learned to trust the process. I started my career as a natural food chef in New York City. Seven years later, after incorporating more cleansing practices and moving toward a primarily raw diet, I was inspired by Gil Jacobs (a legendary colon hydrotherapist) to become a practitioner. I’ve been a Colon Hydrotherapist and Nutritional Detox Counselor for nineteen years.

What are the most common health challenges you see that are easily changed by diet?
Obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel diseases are often cause and effect. Many skin issues are also a reflection of the health of the intestinal tract.

What is internal cleansing? Why is it necessary?
Internal cleansing is essentially opening the channels of elimination through hydration, sweating, urinating and pooping. These are natural systems of detoxification; however, we’ve challenged them repetitively by introducing unnatural foods and substances that clog these channels and leave decomposing waste throughout the system. For this reason, cleansing practices like colonics and saunas, among others, are exceptionally valuable.

What changes can a person expect if they do a cleansing program?
Usually it’s a mixed bag of improvements and detox symptoms. Weight loss, increased energy and clearer skin are some of the first improvements people experience. However, as toxicity clears the system (it varies per individual), we may not feel well. Fever, body ache, mucus from the chest or sinuses, pimples, and headaches are common. This is an indication that it’s working, but the body can use a little help from cleansing practices like gravity colonics or saunas.

What are your top 5 tips for detoxification?
These are general, but they give someone the foundational concepts to navigate all of the different opinions and approaches to nutrition.

  • Consistency. Cleansing is not an event. It’s a maintained state. Swinging back and forth between good and bad choices is not beneficial.
  • Raw juice is the original and ultimate superfood. No product or powder compares.
  • Any successful diet or food philosophy is based on elimination.
  • The human intestines favor plant foods to sweep the terrain and nourish the microbiome.
  • Detoxification happens in the emptiness. In the empty space we give the body a chance to self-correct. Most people think that if they take a certain supplement or food it “detoxes” them and that's not the case.

How did you learn about E3Live superfoods?
I learned about E3Live from Dr. Fred Bisci over 20 years ago. Before then we were always using powdered spirulina products. E3Live was the first liquid algae on the market.

Which E3Live products do you use and recommend, and why?
I use the original E3Live (Original), E3Live + BrainON (Original) and Blue Majik most often. Blue Majik is by far the most stunning because of the epic color. It makes the most amazing banana ice creams. I find for most of my clients, Blue Majik is the gateway to other E3 products. In addition to the abundant nutrition, I recommend E3 products for the antioxidant potential.

What is a simple cleanse you can share, and how often should it be done?
I developed a very valuable, yet practical cleanse called the Vitality Broom Cleanse. The nutritional part can be integrated into daily food habits. This cleanse is also an excellent way to prepare for deeper bodywork like a gravity colonic. Download the cleanse for free: Vitality Broom Cleanse.

Tell us more about your mission and what you have planned moving forward.
Moving forward, I’m focused on creating a digital teaching platform for both clients and practitioners. This approach to cleansing work is unique and has been passed down from teacher to student. I want to make these concepts more widely available, regardless of geography. I’m also spending most of my time at my studio here in Ashland, Oregon, with frequent trips to my studio in NYC.

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