Adam Sinclair Professional Actor

Adam Sinclair Professional Actor

Movie Actor Discovers E3Live While Filming & Now Loves It!

I first came across E3Live when it was being used in a scene I was filming for the movie ‘Irvine Welsh’s: Ecstasy’. I was playing the lead character of Lloyd and the scene was set in a new age vegan café owned by one of his best mates Alley, played by Keram Maliki-Sanchez. Alley is trying to convince Lloyd to invest in his idea for a new style of café for Edinburgh, Scotland (where the movie is set). He tells him that this is the future, and that Scotland is coming into a new era. Gone are the days of the deep-fried mars bar and the haggis supper; people now want a healthier lifestyle, and at the same time increase the life expectancy of one of the lowest in the modern world.

In the scene he presents me with the concoction of Blue Green Algae, to which my response is "you mean pond scum", and in true Scott’s style it is downed in one. When filming several set ups are made and the same scene is shot continuously to gain the correct coverage so is can be pieced together from many different angles. The problem with this is that whatever action takes place; it has to be repeated over and over again and again. By the end of filming that scene, I have downed around 7 shots. I realized the powerful energy giving effects of it the rest of that day and even into the wee small hours of that evening when I couldn’t get to sleep all night.

I now realized that this was quite potent stuff and in moderation could be quite helpful. Working on a movie set requires one to be up at 6 am and then to work a full 14-hour day with very little breaks in between. My kick-start in the morning had always been copious amounts of coffee. The only problem with this was the crash that came later in the day and the continual top ups that were needed to keep going. I was running on false energy and would suffer at the end of a very long week.

I kicked the coffee and moved onto using the E3Live along with an electrolyte (usually coconut water) to start the morning and would have a little more in the afternoon. This seemed to do the trick. My body never really agreed with the likes of wheatgrass. It seemed too harsh on my system causing me to feel buzzing, something I never got with the E3Live. At the start at the shoot, I also gave up smoking, and when I have done this before the detox process was always horrible, with lots of mucus and phlegm being coughed up as my body cleaned itself. Again, the use of the Algae and the electrolyte combined definitely alleviated this, making the detox process a little smoother.

Now, I don’t claim to be an angel of any sorts and my body isn’t always my temple. This is where I have found the E3RenewMe! Total Body Blend dried capsules effective. I can travel the world with them in my suitcase from job to job, and definitely on more than one occasion they have been my lifesaver.

I do think these products used correctly have fantastic benefits, especially to someone like me who is constantly on a hectic schedule, and also enjoys life to its full extent.

I often find myself handing it out on set to other actors when they are looking a little worse for wear.