Brian W. Cutts, CN

Brian W. Cutts, CN

Ecstatic Over The Difference Within Just a Few Weeks

Dear Friends,

I have been on 3 blood pressure medications for 5 years with sporadic control, and sometimes my blood pressure is high even with the medication.

I tried many natural remedies such as magnesium, niacin, CoQ10, garlic, hawthorn berry, etc. Nothing seemed to lower my blood pressure as I had hoped and as many others have experienced.

Three weeks ago, I started taking frozen E3Live and the product E3RenewMe! Total Body Blend. I took my blood pressure the other morning before taking my meds, and much to my surprise my blood pressure was 138 over 76, whereas it typically would have been 144 over 89. I was ecstatic over the difference I saw after taking these two wonderful products for just 3 weeks. My pressure has not been that low for as long as I can remember, even with the medication. These products really do work!

Yours in good health,