Dennis Mainieri

Dennis Mainieri

Rave Reviews for E3Live and More!

I and my wife have been taking E3Live products for almost one year. After working I would be really sore, stiff, my body would freeze up. I take E3Live in the morning and a couple hours before finishing work and feel as good as when I started. Everywhere we go and whomever we meet are amazed and always ask us what are we doing and what are we taking? We are best advertisement. I am more or less retired at 62 and know we can sell a lot of E3Live. My wife is a registered nurse, and all her co-workers are very much interested. We are excited about E3Live for ourselves which attracts so many people.

I've always wanted to do a home business with a product I believe in. I tried the product on the recommendation of a friend, and it has helped us beyond belief. I've done home businesses since I was 25 years old very successfully, and this is the first time I've found a product I actually use and believe in. The response we are getting is amazing. We have no doubt about our ability to sell this product. We have an extensive network of health minded people and vegetarians in the area. We also regularly visit, shops and take part in many health-conscious activities and events. We have the ability and resources to sell to a large amount of people who are already health conscious. I've been a vegetarian since 1974. No meat, fish or eggs. Now we eat all organic. I became one while in the US Air force. My wife has been a vegetarian most of her life.

We take frozen: E3Live, BrainON, BrainON Supreme. In dry pills: BrainON, E3RenewMe! Total Body Blend and Blue Majik.

Thank You!