Diana T.

Diana T.

Struggled With Health For Years, Then Found E3Live BrainON

For the past 8 months I have been on a magnificent journey to renewed health. Allow me to share my story.

My Naturepathic 'Dr. Cody' put me on a protocol of super foods because I had been struggling with my health for years. I had severe arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, much pain and had been hospitalised several times in the past several years. I was also very depressed and hardly able to get out of bed. I had also been recovering from MRSA from an earlier surgery and had nearly gone blind with torn retinas in both eyes. To say I needed help was an understatement!

I decided to try alternative methods since I was already so medicated with pharmaceuticals that just living my life was extremely difficult. 'Dr. Cody' put me on a new path and HOPE was born as we began with Ozone Therapy, super minerals, super green foods including E3live BrainON, green protein drinks, Tocotrinals, calcium/magnesium supplementation, probiotics, Mag 07, sulphur, enzymes, Vitamin C, B Complex shots and much more. I also changed my diet, dropping white sugars and flours—-and adding more organic vegetables and fruits. I began experiencing 'real hunger' for the first time in years.

My body began to respond almost immediately and energy levels picked up! I began to sleep well for the first time in years and we were able to cut down several of my major medications. Eight months later my weight has returned to normal [losing 80+ pounds], my pain levels are manageable, my blood pressure has dropped and I am living my life more harmoniously and joyfully.

The most stunning benefit was a recent visit with my Retinal Surgeon. After checking both eyes—-the right eye, which had been torn in 13 places, was now showing a 75% improvement! In fact, my eyesight in that eye has gone from 20/60 to 20/30. My Dr. informed me that in 30 years of experience I was the only patient that, with this kind of severe condition, had shown any improvement and he wanted to know what I was doing!

Namaste I informed him I had been eating Super Food, had changed my diet, lost weight and lowered my blood pressure!

Although we cannot say exactly which super foods or therapies did what, we do know that in totality the results are stunning and have been a true blessing.

I begin my day with E3live BrainON taking a 2 oz. serving. It is delicious! I immediately feel a pick up and sense of aliveness, wellness and alertness.

My heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude goes to my 'Dr. Cody' for being there and to Mr. Micah Green for telling us about this product.

May your 'aliveness' also improve and may your days be long and full of joy.