Evita Ramparte Wellness Journalist

Evita Ramparte Wellness Journalist

Author of TigerMama.com — Wellness Campaign for Moms Pregnant Mom Loves E3Live!

I went through my entire pregnancy drinking E3Live's BrainON, which kept my mind alert, awake and positive.

I gave birth to very healthy baby boy. I am breastfeeding, and I believe it is thanks to E3Live that I have plenty of milk.

We're in good spirits and good health. Besides, I have already lost all the weight I gained in pregnancy!

As a wellness journalist, I am often asked whether E3 is safe for pregnant and nursing moms. On the bottle, it's written: 'Consult your physician.' Unfortunately, few physicians know about this beautiful gift of Nature. Naturally, they are afraid to recommend something they have not studied. I believe, E3Live is totally safe for pregnant and nursing moms. It should come highly recommended!

It has not been designed by some kind of a brainy scientist. It was made by Nature!