Fred Busch Director, Miami Yogashala

Fred Busch Director, Miami Yogashala

Amazing Physical and Mental Strength With E3Live

I have been drinking E3Live for over 10 years and it is the foundation of my diet. I know that it is called a supplement, but I tell my students that I consider it to be a "primary" and that everything else that we eat in our lives is the supplement.

The strength that I feel from E3 is not just physical, although the physical strength that it delivers is formidable. It is wild strength, like wild animals. You ever think how much stronger wild animals are then humans? This gives us access to the wild power factor which becomes ours - within days of beginning the E3Live I felt like I was a different person. I actually wondered who was this strong person? I did a hand-stand against the wall but for the first time ever I did not really need the wall! I was like a different person!

It is also the mental strength and ability to concentrate that I notice to be exceptional in my life. I can work for hours on end without tiring.

It is also the spiritual connection and realizations that I feel to be truly the gift of E3. It is scientific fact that when the brain gets the minerals it needs, it can transmit and receive the cosmic radio signals effectively. In my experience simply I feel connected to everything always and I know that the power of E3Live is at the foundation of my radiance.

Fred Busch
Director, Miami Yogashala- South Beach, Brickell, Sunny Isles