Jason Ste. Marie Natural Bodybuilder

Jason Ste. Marie Natural Bodybuilder

Revved With Energy for Grueling Workouts

I have discovered an amazing organic whole food supplement that is unlike any product or supplement that I have used in my life. I first used E3Live in 2004 while I was getting ready for one of my competitions and tried a sample at a health show called the CHFA in Vancouver, BC.

I was immediately energized for the day and went into high gear. I started to feel less acidic and bloated and felt like my body could eliminate wastes properly while keeping me revved with energy all day for my grueling 3 hour workouts per day on top of my 8 hour work schedule.

This frozen algae makes me feel better overall everyday that I use the supplement. I have used the product religiously since 2004 and it has helped me not only maintain my shape but get bigger and leaner while allowing me to also have more energy to play my other sports like hockey and snowboarding.

E3Live is an organic whole Superfood from nature, untouched by the chemicals of mankind that are used in the processing of most supplements on the market. This product is as pure to its natural form as you could get it.

I believe that all body types and people from all walks of life could benefit from this product. Whether you are a serious competitive athlete or someone who wants to create health and wellness and increase their energy everyday. Try it for yourself and you will feel the results immediately!

Jason Ste. Marie
Natural Bodybuilding Champion/Nutritionist