Kathleen Abelson

Kathleen Abelson

An Old Dog Can Heal

It was March 3, 2000, three days after my trip from India when my son yelled to me in the kitchen, Mom, Echo's legs just collapsed, she can't get up!

Echo is a purebred Australian shepherd who has reached the age 13 on a vegetarian diet, mostly dry dog food. Her arthritic condition made some show a year prior to her lame condition. I was using the E3 already and noticed all-around better health! But my family had full responsibility for Echo's care in the month I was gone and went back to the old dog food regime, which I don't blame them, keeping up with the raw food prep takes some conscious effort and time.

I talked to a friend who recommended Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) also known as E3 Canine.

Within 3 months, she was up and running again. The E3 Canine was her primary food mixed with her regular old vegetarian dog food. She was taking it easily as I was too. The E3 Canine was giving her energy and movement improved in her back legs.

We all need love and attention to make any healing progress and I'm convinced that the AFA from E3Live is from a loving source sold by caring people who also experience it's healthful loving qualities that nurture from within.

I'm so grateful that my parents are getting a LIVE gift for Christmas for their new puppy to keep well on (and hopefully they'll take it too). So if an old dog can heal, can't we too?