Michelle Battermann Athlete &  Bodybuilder

Michelle Battermann Athlete & Bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Uses E3Live in Her Daily Training

I have been using E3Live for over 8 years. Because I’m a track athlete and bodybuilder I was searching for a product that would provide extra protein support from a raw plant source. I discovered E3Live and have never veered away from it since. I use E3Live before and after my training as it provides me with pure amino acids in raw plant form, which aids in strength and recovery. E3Live gives me extra energy and helps keep me focused and alert, not only when I’m training but throughout the day. E3Live is also very important when building your physique, for building and maintaining a strong immunity, and just for general overall health! I absolutely love E3Live!

Michelle Battermann
Track Athlete and Bodybuilder