Myles Padaca Champion Surfer

Myles Padaca Champion Surfer

 I'm Really Stoked with E3Live! 

In the surfing world, being the Triple Crown Champion is like winning the World Series. I'm always looking for that competitive edge and for ways to improve my performance.

I'm confident that I've found it with E3Live, which was put to the test when I was going man to man with the current world's champ at the Rip Curl World Cup. I had just gotten wiped out by a wave and my time was running out. It took supreme stamina and mental focus to paddle back to catch the last wave that put me over the top. I'm absolutely confident that E3Live made the difference.

My first chance to test E3Live was the XCEL PRO competition. I used E3Live in my blended fruit smoothie in the morning and then made a second batch that I drank throughout the rest of the day. Mentally, E3Live helped me to stay clear-minded and focused all day. Physically, I usually feel somewhat fatigued after a twenty minute heat of non-stop paddling, but with the help of E3Live, I felt fine and eager for my next heat. In all, I surfed five heats that day and took first place in my first four heats and finished third overall out of 160 world-class competitors.

So, as we say in Hawaii, I'm "really stoked" with E3Live! Not only am I glad I finally found E3Live to boost my surfing performance, it also contributes to my overall health and well-being.

Myles Padaca
2001 Triple Crown Champion Surfer