Rosemary Sutton Owner of Summerwinds

Rosemary Sutton Owner of Summerwinds

Professional Dog Breeder Finds Results With E3 Canine & E3Live (for her 86-year old father too)!


After seeing the results of the dogs we breed and ourselves, we were truly believers. We were convinced what we were seeing was not just in our minds. The fact that this product really works was more than apparent. We then decided it was safe enough to give my father who is 86 years old and suffering from a condition involving forgetfulness, mood swings, and generally unpredictable emotional behavior.

He has lived with us since my mother died five years ago. Though his mind is slow, and he still knows who we are, it's not always easy to reason with him and to get him to do things that are good for himself. He had no appetite and was losing weight to the point that we were very concerned. He didn't want to do any exercise at all. He just wanted to stay in his room and read. When we would try and force him to eat, walk, or come out of his room, he would argue and be contrary with us and his caretaker, and sometimes be downright hateful.

We were recommended to give him the frozen live liquid E3Live, and were advised of the importance of getting him to drink as much pure water as possible. We give him 1 oz. a day in orange juice. Every day he asks "what's this?" we tell him it's vitamins in his o.j. We have an awful time trying to give him pills; he's forgotten how to swallow them. So he drinks it right down without another word.

After only about three days giving him the E3Live, we couldn't believe it. He came downstairs one morning we were all in the kitchen, and he very cheerfully said "Good Morning, what a wonderful day!"

We all looked at each other and our jaws dropped. That was just the beginning of a total mood turnaround. He is a different person than before. He is now eating much better, and it is so much easier to reason with him, and his energy level is higher. He comes out of his room and wants to go out. He's always saying "if you're going out, don't forget me!".

His appetite and energy are much improved, but the most noticeable difference is that he is much more positive and happy, which has made our lives easier, and given his life a better quality. This new energy and nutrition sure has improved his health and attitude. Without the proper nutrition the mind's memory will not function and keep the mind strong and clear.