Chef Beee Explains How to Reset Your Palate with E3Live Superfoods

Chef Beee Explains How to Reset Your Palate with E3Live Superfoods

with Essentially Chef Beee
In this interview, Chef Beee will tell you about her Palate Reset and how she recommends incorporating E3Live and other components to help you jumpstart your health!

What is a Palate Reset and Why do we need one?
The Palate Reset is my seasonal guided cleanse. I created it because I kept meeting people who really wanted to transition to a plant-based diet but were afraid that it wouldn't taste good or that they wouldn't be successful sticking to that kind of transition. The Palate Reset is more than a cleanse. It is an experience. We educate and help participants explore aspects of their mindset that prevent them from committing to lifestyle changes while experiencing how amazing plant-based foods taste in their most natural state. We also cleanse the body with seasonal plant-based foods, living waters, herbs, and E3Live products.

How can we start to reset our palate today?
We can work to reset the palate daily by simplifying the foods that we eat. Oftentimes, our palates get overworked with foods rich in sugar, salt, and other highly processed ingredients. A great way to reset the palate is by drinking water with lemon and other citrus fruits, eating celery, and drinking herbal teas.

Why did you select E3Live to be part of The Palate Reset Program?
I love E3Live products. I have seen great benefits myself using them and wanted to introduce my Resetters to these products as well. Specifically, we use the BrainON on-the-go singles in the Cleanse. I love the focus, energy, clarity, and stabilization of my mood that BrainON provides. When you are cleansing it is important to get those essential nutrients in the body. Using BrainON can ensure that you are getting your superfoods daily while gaining the necessary focus that you need. I know that the E3Live products (BrainON, E3Live, Blue Majik, and others) provide this. 

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what type would you be and why?
If I were a fruit or vegetable, I would be a mushroom. Now I know mushrooms aren't either, but I love the versatility of mushrooms. They are super nutritious; they have great flavor and texture, and it absorbs vitamin D. I would also love to be an avocado for similar reasons (Smiling).
Are there any resources or advice that really helped you on your personal journey that you can share?
Yes! The advice that was really helpful to me was to have patience and grace with myself. Eating differently takes time and really is an evolving process. Look at these changes as an opportunity for self-discovery. The other thing is to focus on the wins. Making the decision to start and complete a 10-day cleanse challenge is a win and can help to create some discipline that we all need. Some of the resources that have been really helpful to me in thinking about wellness are the following books, How to Eat to Live by Elijah Muhammad, Heal Thyself by Queen Afua, and Superfoods by: David Wolfe and my plant-based cookbook: Let Plants Nourish You.

What do you think your secret sauce is, that catapults the health success of clients?
I think that my secret sauce is that I REALLY care DEEPLY for my clients. I want them to succeed and move in the direction that they need to thrive. I call and check on my clients and really try to take their needs into consideration when I curate wellness experiences. I want people to feel the love that I put into the work I do, and it definitely resonates.

What’s the most common reason for people failing or giving up on their health program or diet?
I think that many of us lack discipline, community support and oftentimes are not ready to take meaningful action towards change. I think that these three things are key for success long after a healthy program is over. These are areas that many of us can benefit from addressing and working on improving.

How can readers get in touch or join you in one of your programs?
People can find me on social media. I am on:
Instagram: ​​​​@iamchefbeee
Twitter: @iamchefbeee
Facebook: @iamessentiallybeee
YouTube: Essentially Chef Beee
You can also find me on the web for all my offerings: and for the Cleanse specifically, you can visit:

Holistic health coach Natasha Brewley, aka Chef Beee, is an educator at heart who is also a mathematician and a professor. Her business model has evolved over the years but has been honed down into 3 simple parts: Cleansing, Culinary Courses, and Community.