Marcus Antebi the Founder of Juice Press Talks About E3Live & Fresh Foods

Marcus Antebi the Founder of Juice Press Talks About E3Live & Fresh Foods

Marcus Antebi of Juice Press talks pure, fresh, delicious foods & E3Live!

Juice Bars around the globe offer E3Live shots and superfoods. We checked in with Marcus Antebi - the founder of Juice Press, premier cold-pressed juice bars - to see how he got started and why his customers love E3Live!

How did Juice Press get started?
For my competitive Thai Boxing career, I was fueling for fights with raw juices, smoothies, and lots of salads, and I was quickly dissatisfied with the juice and raw food offerings in New York City. I decided to take a risk and start an organic juice and food company that not only catered to my own desire for better quality organic food and beverage offerings but also made eating well attainable for others.

I worked on a business plan for nearly a year until I found the first store on the Lower East Side six years ago. I was then introduced to Michael Karsch who is now the lead investor and Chairman of the Board of Juice Press and uses his 20+ year investment background to help propel Juice Press into a sustainable and scalable business, expediting the company’s growth, and expanding our footprint in New York and beyond. Together, we set out to create a path to wellness for ourselves and our families that allows us to eat better, feel better and live better. In the process, we found ourselves challenging people, businesses and the food industry to also know better – know that we all deserve real, pure, fresh, delicious food, as well as transparency about what’s fueling our bodies and minds. From that passion and vision, we created the power to change lives.

Tell us about your menu, locations, and customers.
With 150+ products, Juice Press offers an expansive organic product line, as well as a variety of lifestyle resources, with an extensive selection of juices, smoothies, acai superfood bowls, soups, salads, plant-based desserts and snacks! We do the research, know the science and take out the guess work so the hardest decision our customers make is on the menu, not the label. Ironically, although we do so much, it’s often about what we don’t do or use in our products that makes us number one; we don’t cut corners, we don’t skip on selection, and we don’t limit ourselves by competitors’ standards. Our fresh food caters to the cravings of everyone, from organic food fanatics to people who are just trying to make a healthy choice on the go. Every time we create a new recipe, break into a new product line, invent a new way to package, or find a new way to bring vitality to the people, we reimagine what’s possible in the grab-and-go category. Over the past six years, Juice Press has opened more than 60+ retail stores across New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut and is now recognized as the premiere organic "grab-and-go" provider.

When did you start carrying E3 products?
We’ve been carrying E3Live since the day we opened Juice Press. At the time, we could not source organic wheatgrass, which is known for providing chlorophyll. Luckily, in our search for a pristine source of chlorophyll, we found E3Live. To this day we are still amazed by its potency! We use E3Live's Blue Majik in several popular items.

Which E3 products do you offer and how do you offer them?
We offer Blue Majik as an ingredient in our Magic (V)Ice Cream Shake, Magic Protein Smoothie, and two smoothie bowls, Mermaid & Blue Magic Protein.

Why do your customers like E3Live products?
At Juice Press, we are fanatical about using only the purest, highest quality ingredients in all of our products. We provide E3Live products for our customers as we believe it is the best source of fresh blue-green algae available. E3Live provides a powerful shot of 65+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and chlorophyll. 

What benefits do they feel from taking E3 products?
When taking any of our E3 products, our customers feel nutritional benefits such as improved vitality, energy, endurance, brain function, concentration, digestion, intestinal health and immunity.

What is your best-selling E3 product?
Our 16 oz. Magic (V)Ice Cream Shake is pretty popular - besides Blue Majik, it contains vanilla, dates, bananas, and almond milk.

What future plans do you have for Juice Press?
Our main priorities are to continue to redefine the grab-and-go category and to make wellness attainable for all. We’re eager to uphold this mission through continued innovation and expansions across the country to make fresh, delicious organic grab-and-go food and beverages available for even more consumers.

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