Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential Talks Fur Babies & E3Live

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential Talks Fur Babies & E3Live

Super Blogger & Dog Mom
Lauryn Evarts – The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts is an influencer & the creative director behind The Skinny Confidential, a fabulous lifestyle blog. She takes E3Live and says this about the superfood,

"Initially I started drinking my E3Live shots for my jaw surgery swelling. It’s really helped to reduce inflammation. And then after taking the liquid for 5 months every day for swelling, I became hooked. My immune system has become stronger. I haven’t gotten sick in months.”

Lauryn takes amazing care of herself and also the 2 loves of her life.....her FUR BABIES. Here she shares healthy dog tips and talks about her furry friends.

Q: What do you feed your fur babies?
A: Pixy and Boone have been eating a gluten-free, non-GMO, organic dog food. Their food contains lots of good stuff like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, kale, spinach, & parsley.

Q: What do you use to bathe your pups?
A: We always use soft dog soaps, nothing too harsh. I like a lavender one & a mango one. I loveeee when they smell like lavender especially. True life: I spray essential oils on their coat too. Like lavender when they’re tired & eucalyptus in the AM for energy. LOL. I actually bought one made for dogs. I know, I know I’m psycho.

Q: What do they do for exercise?
A: Besides their daily walks and SMALKS (smelling walks), another weirdo thing I do: stretch them. I stretch out their legs & arms regularly. This may sound odd but they love it! I call it their “yoga.” When I say “do your yoga!” they lay on their backs ready to get stretched. Haha. This also includes a full body lymph deep tissue massage by yours truly. I mean I can’t make this up!

Q: What health tips for pups can you share?
• PUMPKIN ( ORGANIC REAL PUMPKIN ) is our best friend. Every morning each dog has a scoop on their food. They LOVEEEE it. Literally though, they live for their pumpkin.
• ROOM ENERGY I know this sounds weird but I love to set the energy of the room for our dogs. I put on music, light a candle, dim the lights, & make it comfortable for them every night. Also, if the house is warm, they’re happy! I want them as relaxed as possible because chihuahuas can be overly anxious.
• COCONUT OIL!! We give each of our dogs a little coconut oil every day. It’s so good for their skin, nails and health. Also, it improves their immune system & helps with digestion.
• RAW GOAT’S MILK. I add a little raw goat’s milk on the dog’s food a couple times a week for some probiotics. They love it! It’s SO great for dogs— it helps with liver disease, poor digestion, & diarrhea.

Q: Like their dog mama, your pups (especially Pixy), have a unique style....
A: Pixy has a full blown closet. Like really though. A full.blown.closet. Some of her outfits include: a raincoat, a Snuggie, boots ( knee high ), socks, & a parka. Boone has decided he only likes black & white. So we are keeping his wardrobe more simple, lol...

Both dogs are OBSESSED with their teepee. If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about the dog teepee. They literally think they’re Peter Pan & Tiger Lily. I can’t.
Simple and Nutritious – dogs love this!
Lauryn's easy treat recipe her fur babies love: Pumpkin, Carrots, and Coconut Oil. Add E3 Canine for an extra nutritional boost!

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