Alisa Speed Cabaret Performer

Alisa Speed Cabaret Performer

Balance, Energy and Bliss!

I have been taking E3Live for two years now. I first discovered the product when living in Vancouver and eating a raw vegan diet. I could feel the effects immediately. E3Live is very beneficial for my mental wellbeing; I find it has a very powerful balancing effect. My energy is much more abundant and consistent. I feel clear when I wake in the mornings and have a better capacity to focus and be productive when drinking the algae.

I have also noticed I feel satiated; cravings for empty foods are gone as E3Live provides the body with essential nutrients. I feel this is an act of self-love and essential for this time in our evolution.

My stress levels decrease, and my moods are on a much more positive note when drinking E3Live. Recently I tried E3Live BrainON Formula. I was blown away. All the benefits of E3Live plus a recognizable effect of bliss. The chemicals in my brain responsible for joy and bliss had been switched on! I was taking this formula at a time when I needed a lift. Within the week I was doing yoga six days and connected to a community and put a few creative projects into motion. It was an incredible catalyst.

I also find my skin clears, eyes twinkle more, and my body goes into a cleansing mode. E3Live and now BrainOn is truly a food I believe in, wholehearted. The proof is in the experience. I am very grateful to have found E3Live and that it exists. I recommend it all the time :)

Much gratitude and support!