Erica Dee  Professional Singer, DJ, Performer

Erica Dee Professional Singer, DJ, Performer

E3 BrainON Helps Professional Singer's Voice & More!

E3 BrainON has been a new staple in my everyday life. I am a professional singer, dj, and performer so my life is very busy and spontaneous. I feel like it is an amazing product for me in so many ways! It has helped me to maintain balance in my stress and energy levels, as well as clarity in my mind and soul. I will have some in the mornings instead of drinking coffee and I feel like it wakes me up with a feeling of ambition. I used to drink energy drinks to stay awake when I was gigging, now I just mix E3 BrainON with some water and it does the trick. Also I feel that the blue algae is good for my voice, I feel it strengthen and soothes it. I believe it has something to do with the fact that the throat shakra is also blue :) I stand behind this product and support it 100%. I am very happy to now have E3 BrainON as a part of my everyday life.