Jacqueline Owens

Jacqueline Owens

I Want Yours Granma, They Make Me Feel Good

I wanted to share our experience using the E3RenewMe! Total Body Blend product. I ordered the E3RenewMe! product for the first time approximately 3 weeks ago. I had read the reviews and had hoped we (my husband & I) would feel a difference, but I have heard product reviews before and never really felt what others claimed. FYI-My husband is a real doubting Thomas when it comes to natural products. Well, I FEEL AMAZING! And better yet, my husband who has had health issues for the last four years and had several major surgeries is feeling much better, has more energy and a positive attitude again.

This has been noticed by our adult children as well as me and my husband (which is amazing since he is such a doubter). I can't tell you how thankful I am to have my husband of years ago coming back to his old self. People at work are asking me what I am taking or doing, they are committing on my energy level and positive brighter attitude. Our company initiated a step challenge and I work with mostly staff in their young twenties to mid-thirties; I am 60 years old and to date, no one is remotely close to my step count of at least 20,000+ per day. Mind you, I barely had the energy to complete a day at work three weeks ago, let alone walk. I am now excited to get to work by at 5 a.m. to park and head out on my 1.5 hour walk before coming into work and still have plenty of energy to spare.

I am also losing weight due to my energy level, exercising and have newfound motivation to eat mostly raw. I can't tell you just how very pleased I am with the clarity of mind I feel now, none of that foggy thinking going on like before. WOW!! It's been a life changing 3 weeks and I hadn't truly realized just how much so until I began writing this down.

I would like to also share one other incident that happened with my grandson, Mosiah (5 years old). My grandson ran out of his gummy vitamins (provided by mom) and saw me taking my vitamins and said, Granma, I don't have any vitamins, can I have one of yours? I said, sure, but he could not swallow it so I put it in approximately 1oz of water and 1oz juice. He swallowed it and had no complaint about flavor. Approximately an hour went by and he was racing around the house in a playful manner and very cheerfully laughing. He buzzes by me and said, Granma, the vitamin makes me fast and strong!

I recognize that young children seem to realize the effects of natural products long before adults do, but this was fast. Since I leave very early in the mornings for work I was unaware that my grandson was asking his Papa for Granma's vitamins every day until my husband told me several days later. I told Mosiah that his mom was going to buy more vitamins for him and said, which ones do you want her to buy you, the gummy ones or Granma's? He said, I want yours Granma, they make me feel good. God bless little children for their awareness and honesty about how things make them feel. He now takes the E3 Total Body Blend Me also.