Jennifer - Mother of Three

Jennifer - Mother of Three

A Staple Supplement in All Their Diets

I am writing you this letter in testament of E3Live products for children as we have witnessed first hand the profound, yet subtle affect it has had on our two year old Jana Aum Kleinberg as well as our three and half month old identical twin girls Naia and Ananda.

We live a balanced lifestyle that includes a mostly raw vegan diet, regular chiropractic adjustments, meditation and regular exercise. E3Live is a staple supplement in our diet for ourselves as well as our three small children. We are frequently stopped in public and asked how old our daughter Jana is. People's first response is Wow, she speaks so clearly and she's so deliberate. We joke that Jana is two going on six! We have found that the use of E3Live dramatically improves her ability to focus and articulate.

Not only is Jana advanced for her age but she also seems to be more emotionally stable then her peers. Her ability to communicate effectively lessens the frustration often leading to the temper tantrums associated with her age group. Jana also seems to be more confident and present then most in her age group.

We recently took our three children to a pediatric physician for a check up on our (then) ten week old twins who were born six weeks premature. The physician commented on how alert and advanced all three children seemed to be for their age. Despite the twins' pre-maturity, they are advanced in social interaction and hand eye co-ordination all ready!