Julie Juliusson Team USA

Julie Juliusson Team USA

Triathlete Has More Energy With E3Live BrainON!

I compete in the sport of Triathlon non-professionally but am a Top ranked Amateur both nationally and internationally for the USA Triathlon and ITU (International) Triathlon. I have completed over 75 Triathlons and won World Championship Bronze Medals twice and won USA National Championships twice.

About one year ago I began feeling more fatigued than usual. I was run down and had a drawn look to my face. In reality, I was totally depleted from competition and stress to my body. I was advised to take you product E3Live BrainON Supreme. I have been taking that daily for one year now.

First I noticed my hair got thicker, and then I noticed my skin looked better. Then people told me I looked years younger. No other supplements were taken besides E3Live that could have done that. Mainly, though, I had more energy and felt better in my workouts.

I am a believer and will stay on E3Live for life now. It truly is a Superfood and I do not think I can compete anymore without it.

Thanks E3Live for such a high quality product that has enhanced my performance in Triathlon and my life!