Laura-Sunshine Burki Director & Creator, Sacred Fusion

Laura-Sunshine Burki Director & Creator, Sacred Fusion

Yoga Teacher Experiences Great Energy Levels

As a full time yoga teacher I always make the first thing in my day a shot of E3Live and/or BrainON. This product has not only changed my body to happier state but it has helped my yoga practice, it gives me the energy to not only do my own practice first thing in the morning but to also teach afterwards.

E3Live has made a huge difference in my energy levels, allowing me to feel strong and positive for my entire day where as before I was always feeling sluggish near the afternoon.

Now as my partner Trevor Nugent-Smith and I launch our newest yoga program called "Sacred Fusion" I rely on my E3Live and BrainON to keep me going!

Incredible product with incredible results!