Mikey & Deborah

Mikey & Deborah

Elderly Dog Restored to Health

I would highly recommend E3Live (E3 Canine) for elderly pets.

Last summer, my 12-year-old dog, Mikey, underwent a sudden decline in health. Just before he turned 12 last July, he suddenly began to have severe problems with arthritis, accompanied by lack of energy and stamina and a sinus condition that caused him to sneeze a lot...In December, a friend told me about E3 Canine. In the beginning, I gave him two teaspoons each morning on some crumbled dog biscuits.

Within a month, I was able to take him off the medicine. His health began to improve and by February, he was going for walks with me as he always had, and even running up and down the stairs! ...I continue to give him one teaspoon of E3 Canine each morning and he has more energy than he has had in years, and a very beautiful coat. People who saw him last year cannot believe he is the same dog.

I am very grateful to E3Live for restoring Mikey's health and perhaps ensuring that he will be around for years to come.