Pamela W.

Pamela W.

My family, especially myself are indebted to E3Live; Scientists, as I have had severe Osteoarthritic and Digestive problems for over 30 years and recently Vertigo! I was taken to Hospital as I literally was unable to walk and the vertigo really changed my livelihood as nothing was easing my situation. After courses of treatments involving their medications and Physio, and the like, as I also have a Dowdgers Hump etc., my daughter insisted to please commence E3Live - E3 AFA product as she believed it would work into my chemistry and re-supplement my metabolic pathways from an Immunology viewpoint. At this stage I had been in bed for some weeks, and my daughter was unaware, so having flown up to Queensland with the products she uses every day with total conviction,, I commenced her amazing E3 AFA products and also prior to meals with Digestive Enzymes as my stomach has always been very sensitive (always had Mylanta on hand).

In under a week, I felt strong enough to move from my bed, first with my cane and did not fall over or even feel like I was going to! My cane is under-used nowadays and I am really so happy to have my daily E3 AFA twice daily to obtain my nutrients and LIFE BACK!

I am now enjoying the best health I have had in years I am 82 years of age and within a week I was out of bed, my vertigo had "lifted" and I was up and walking and my strength was continually improving! This is short of amazing! E3 AFA and your superior Digestive Enzymes are a mainstay of my Dietary plan and I am now walking for approximately 2 hours a day with my husband and am back to Bowling once a week and also playing cards and attending Functions I have been unable to for many years! My joints are so strong and not cracking or aching!

My daughter is a doctor, her conviction is so strong and without it, well, my life is back and my cane sits and so do other products into a shoebox never to be revisited!

Words cannot express my more than thankful feelings and my Husband's, let alone my daughter, a definite lady, as when she believes in chemistry of products, there is usually little doubt my blood work, Immune System is truly amazing according to my doctors, who are happy but do not completely understand how nutrition of the body can aid the body so quickly with correct balances so critical! Thank you again for your superior products and recently started your BrainON my retention is really powering!

Life is truly wonderful!