Earth Day Superfood Bites

Earth Day Superfood Bites

Recipe by Stephanie Mary @mytinylagunakitchen

Earth Day superfood bites came to me last year when I was making a treat for our yoga community Earth Day potluck. A few times a year we have these amazing potlucks in Laguna Beach, CA to celebrate the new season, friendship, community and Momma Earth. Therefore I have been waiting over a year to make and post this recipe! I’ve been the most excited! I also love being an advocate for Momma Earth, don’t you agree we all hold a part of her in our hands?

These superfood bites are a spin-off of my Brownie Truffles which are a huge hit with any of my friends and family. The difference is these babies are coated with magical, earthy superfoods like green E3AFA®, Blue Majik®, and hemp seeds. One of my most craved combinations is algae with any chocolate. May sound a bit odd but I promise you there is nothing quite like it.


  • 1 ½ Cup cacao powder
  • 350g organic walnuts
Color Decoration

Step 1

Put your walnuts into the food processor.

Step 2

Add walnuts and blend in the food processor until the walnuts became a flour, I promise this step is crucial!

Step 3

Add the rest of ingredients

Step 4

Let the food processor run until everything has been fully blended, once done do the stick test by pinching the mix to see if it starts to form together.

Step 5

Create your bites here you can use a scooper or your hands to form the bites.

Step 6

Roll them in your superfood powders. ENJOY!